Friday, January 13, 2012

I Love the Weather Today! :)

Hello to you all beautiful earthlings! I just wanna share that I'm pretty liking the weather today. The sun isn't showing too much and the wind feels a bit cooler unlike the normal days when it totally brags its rays that makes me all sweating and will smell like hell! lol. That's pretty much the main reason why I hate sunny days! 

Woke up really late today, at 11 am! Haha. Twas a really cold night and it really feels good to have a nice and sound sleep and knowing it's your day off tomorrow! lol. Anyhow, while I seem like to have a good mood the entire day, my monthly visitor (bwisitor!) wrong timing-ly paying a nice visit at the moment. LOL I am like "you should have stayed longer to where you are a while ago" Hehe. Nevertheless, I prefer having menstruation during my day off. :)

Wishing you to have a great day ahead!


Matt Rose said...

Is that a picture from where you actually live? If so, i want to live there man.

Rhea Liza said...

Not sure actually. Grabbed it from Google but sure there is more than like this place from where I live :)

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