Sunday, June 23, 2013

Locked in Loneliness

Do you find yourself sad? Every night when you're all alone, do you ask yourself what can really make you happy? Perhaps you just can't do what you're heart really desires. Thinking too much about what other people will think of you when you do something you really want is what locks you in the room of loneliness. You can't let yourself break free because you are afraid about being criticized, you are scared about being judged when the real fact is that all the people around you, if not all, 90% of them will see nothing but your wrongs. People easily remember the wrongs of the others. No matter what you do, people will always have something to say about you. So, do what will make you happy as long as you're not hurting anybody. 

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Night Out at El Potro

One Saturday night, I drop by El Potro to see if this place deserves the praises I am hearing from other people who have been there. Well, I couldn't say they're lying because the place was good and there were a lot of gimikeros and gimikeras coming in and going out the place. There was a band playing good music and punchlines.

Coming to the food, I just ordered the usual appetizer plus a usual meal. To give you a little trivia about myself, I love chicharong bulaklak! This dish really boosts my appetite. This is a killer food but I make sure to eat a fair portion since it can induce hypertension that can lead to cardiac arrest or heart attack.

Aside from the good presentation, I loved its taste and the vinegar deep too!

Too bad I wasn't able to finish the chicken fillet because I did not like the sauce. For me it was too sweet and salty. However, the fried rice is really good that it compensates its taste.

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Meanwhile Bar and Lounge - Comedy Bar

It is a very gloomy and boring Saturday when I decided to do the laundry. I was very lazy day but I was still able to finish HALF of them! lol! The rain poured so hard that afternoon which made me a little depressed. What lightened my day is a friend inviting me to hop some bars with live bands. I initially chose El Potro but ended up in Meanwhile Bar and Lounge when I saw the banner along the way and got curious.

Meanwhile Bar and Lounge
You get to pay Php100.oo for the entrance fee.

The place is nice! But it was so dark that I cannot take clear and good photos. So we decided to take our orders while we chitchat and enjoy the performers on stage.

Cocktails with names new to my eyes are the following. (Because I do not really drink cocktails. lol)

We ordered Long Island Iced Tea but I cannot tolerate its taste. It does not taste bad but I just couldn't drink it!  I should have tried Tequila sunrise because it has an orange juice in it. lol!

And for the Snacks/Platters...

I feel like eating Fries overload topped with yummy cheese and beef.

And Crispy Chicken wings for my companion. Taste good even without the deep! (At least for me)

I really enjoyed the night and the food especially when stand up comedians started rocking the stage! They were so funny and all of them can really sing well. They are from Metro Manila by the way.

And when you visit the comfort room, here's what you'll see on the wall.. Magazines and news on Holywood celebrities.

The night was awesome! Make sure to include Meanwhile Bad and Lounge when you bar hop.. :D

I own all of these photos, disregard if you notice the watermarks because I just moved the whole post from my wordpress blog.
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Unplanned Trip to Isdaan Floating Restaurant in Gerona Tarlac

Finally I've got the chance to visit the Isdaan Floating Restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac. I've been hearing about this place from different people I know but I wasn't that interested until one time I feel like searching about it. As I've seen some photos, I thought it was like some place in Thailand. I've heard about the "Tacsiyapo" wall where you can take out your anger by throwing glasswares, plates and even TVs to the concrete wall.  LOL! I feel like throwing one so I decided about going on the weekend. It was not a well prepared plan, I just wanted to see the what's with the place and the food.

There is a wide space for car parking and the large sign won't let you miss it upon passing the place.

What amused me on my first step inside are the bamboo sticks corridors and the fishes swimming around the waters about 6 to 9 ft deep.

 I did not expect it was that deep. So you should carefully look after your kids if take them here.

The tacsiyapo wall! Good thing I was in a good mood that time, or else I'll break the wall. lol.

Me and my travel buddy decided to take a seat on the first Nipa hut like table we are passing through because we were so hungry.
About the food... We felt like eating their special tacsiyapong tilapia but is not available so we opt for Pritong hito (fried catfish) costing P384.00, Sinigang na Sugpo at P409.00, Pork BBQ at P267.00, and a small pot of plain/steamed rice costing P99.85. Buko shakes for our drinks at P87.00 each..

The fried hito has a sweet taste and its very crispy.

The Sinigang na hipon taste awesome! Can't say no to this dish.

Love the sweet well marinated taste of the tender pork BBQ.

Buko Shake has a sweet milky taste and the food is good. It's relative and a little pricey. Some of the servings are preferable for a group of people (I think).
So after the late yummy lunch, we decided to roam around and take some photos with the giant buddhas, monkeys, cartoon characters and etc.

With the Giant Buddhas

I had a great time taking photos. But awww.. time to go home cause its getting gloomy. The weather isn't in the mood today.. I wish I could stay to watch the magical show FOR KIDS? lol!
The trip took us about 1 and 1/2 hours bus ride (Solid North heading to Dagupan) from Dau Mabalacat terminal and costed us only P85.00 (one way) each. Make sure you visit this one of a kind place! Good as a stress reliever. I like the place and the fishes!

Fish tayo! :)
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Krispy Kreme - A Cup of Coffee with a Friend

A good place with a good coffee makes a good conversation with a good friend. When you feel the stress eating you up at home or at work, meet a friend, have a cup of coffee and talk! That makes you feel good in a while.
Krispy Kreme at SM Clark serves good coffee and yummy doughnuts. Bring a friend and feel the good smell and ambiance at you favorite coffee shop. :)

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