Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Best James Bond "Daniel Craig"

I used to hate action movies when I was younger and I guess its no uncommon and besides, young girls prefer teenage shows like Hanna Montana, Glee and all sorts that fall in to this category. When I got older as time pass by,  I get to watch action movies unintentionally until one time I found myself interested how would this particular movie end. I couldn't remember what the title of the movie was. All I can recall was that the characters were soldiers. They were fighting to save one another and I was crying. lol SKIP THIS! :)

One among my favorite action stars is Daniel Craig. I fell in love with James Bond this time Daniel plays the role! And I heard he's here in the Philippines right now. I think he's right now (as in at this very moment) having some fun with his wife Rachel Weisz along with the other crew of the movie "The Bourne Legacy" which is now having a shoot in the Philippines. I am sure you've heard about this by now :) I should keep an eye out for this movie!

In my dreams I can meet him personally! 


winda octavia said...

ahaa,, i adore him too, dear !!!
he is sooo gorgeous, isn't it? ;) happy to know, that you like him too..

visit & follow my blog if you like it..
hope we can be friend !


Jolly Princess said...

So, what is the update? Had a chance meeting him in person with his cute The Mummy star?:)

Anonymous said...

Hi rhea. I tagged you!

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