Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Layout!

I had a major change on my beauty, fashion, cosmetic product reviews, etc blog layout. I just thought my old layout was too heavy. It takes forever for it to load which I find really annoying. What more to the readers? It maybe because I have added a lot of add ons, gadgets, whatever you call it. So now, I made it as light as possible, search and uploaded a very simple layout and done a little editing. I wanted it to look clean and very close to professional. I'm not adding anymore useless add ons or gadgets for it might really look so full which is definitely not appealing to the eyes. 

So please have a visit and if you wanna let me know what you think, drop me a message on any comment box. I'll be very excited to read one. 

CraveForSatisfaction.Blogspot.Com :D


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