Saturday, November 26, 2011

One Day "Whatever Happens tomorrow, We Have Today"

One day, you'll ask yourself...........

How does it feel like resisting what you really feel for someone?
forcing yourself to love someone you really can't?
loving someone who cannot love you back? 
being totally aware of hurting someone?
being unable to love someone who loves you?
marrying someone against your will?
realizing that things would have been better if you gone to the other way, made the other decision, and not set back what you really wanted your life should be?
being all screwed up?
forcing yourself to smile when you really wanted to cry?
when you had no choice but to move on?

LOSING the only person you've ever loved all your life when good things are just about to start?

Well I just did today.. after watching this movie.. 

Its just...., full of regrets.. but a very nice movie anyway.. it'l break your heart! 


Sagittarian said...

Hi, thanks for sharing us about this movie! :) I love it but really can break ones heart! I like your post, it so cool..:) If ever I got trapped with one of your questions above, feeling of regrets is normal, the only thing I can do is to hope.. never ending hope, that what ever happen let HIS will be done.. Thank you for sharing! Am new follower! :)

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