Friday, November 11, 2011

Things I Ever Wanted To Do

You used to be working on weekdays, 8 - 10 hours a day, 5 - 7 days a week, others have 2 jobs and you find yourself preoccupied cause you had a lot of things to do. So now,  What do you do to survive each and every hectic day? what do you do to motivate yourself? what do you do to reward yourself?

Some of you might be going on a salon every weekend and have your hair groomed with those hair treatments. Wow! I want this..

Some might be spending their free time with their loved ones, significant other, or friends.

And some would just prefer to stay at home and just relax.

If you would ask me, naaahh... I never want to stay at home during day offs. Haha! Regardless of the fact that I have been a homebody ever since, I also work from home. If you were me, you would certainly wish to go out somewhere far from home for a breath of fresh air. LOL! I am fed up with the gross smell and stress up here. Haha! 

Let Me share you the things I wanna do that will definitely of course motivate me HOHO!. 

Food Trip

Whoah! Katakam takam! I definitely love eating! I am such a gourmand, if would ask, I honestly am. I'd love to taste different foods. Grr I love chapsuey partnered with chicharong bulaklak with the vinegar deep!

YUMMY! These are my all time favorite!


After a long tiresome week of work, you might want a spa, foot spa, facial spa, manicure pedicure. All I want is a full body massage plus Sauna! Hoho. Looking forward to this. lol. Anyone who has a gift certificate? Christmas is coming.


I can be truant sometimes, but who wouldn't love to escape the busy and stressful life once in a while? One of my dreams is to have my very own car someday so I can take myself wherever I wanna go. Hoho!


Chanan!! The beach, as far as I can recall the last time I went to a beach resort was when I was in 4th year High School as a closing party celebration. I would really want to visit each and every beaches all around the Philippines, helya, I just want it.

I will surely have a lot of fun with these!


Aleah said...

Yes to foodie adventures and massage! I esp like Thai massage and have it at least once a month. Thank God for those cheap ones in the city!

lalalaPatricia said...

Me likes what you want! Pamper my self <3

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