Sunday, September 2, 2012

Meanwhile Bar and Lounge - Comedy Bar

It is a very gloomy and boring Saturday when I decided to do the laundry. I was very lazy day but I was still able to finish HALF of them! lol! The rain poured so hard that afternoon which made me a little depressed. What lightened my day is a friend inviting me to hop some bars with live bands. I initially chose El Potro but ended up in Meanwhile Bar and Lounge when I saw the banner along the way and got curious.

Meanwhile Bar and Lounge
You get to pay Php100.oo for the entrance fee.

The place is nice! But it was so dark that I cannot take clear and good photos. So we decided to take our orders while we chitchat and enjoy the performers on stage.

Cocktails with names new to my eyes are the following. (Because I do not really drink cocktails. lol)

We ordered Long Island Iced Tea but I cannot tolerate its taste. It does not taste bad but I just couldn't drink it!  I should have tried Tequila sunrise because it has an orange juice in it. lol!

And for the Snacks/Platters...

I feel like eating Fries overload topped with yummy cheese and beef.

And Crispy Chicken wings for my companion. Taste good even without the deep! (At least for me)

I really enjoyed the night and the food especially when stand up comedians started rocking the stage! They were so funny and all of them can really sing well. They are from Metro Manila by the way.

And when you visit the comfort room, here's what you'll see on the wall.. Magazines and news on Holywood celebrities.

The night was awesome! Make sure to include Meanwhile Bad and Lounge when you bar hop.. :D

I own all of these photos, disregard if you notice the watermarks because I just moved the whole post from my wordpress blog.


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