Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Night Out at El Potro

One Saturday night, I drop by El Potro to see if this place deserves the praises I am hearing from other people who have been there. Well, I couldn't say they're lying because the place was good and there were a lot of gimikeros and gimikeras coming in and going out the place. There was a band playing good music and punchlines.

Coming to the food, I just ordered the usual appetizer plus a usual meal. To give you a little trivia about myself, I love chicharong bulaklak! This dish really boosts my appetite. This is a killer food but I make sure to eat a fair portion since it can induce hypertension that can lead to cardiac arrest or heart attack.

Aside from the good presentation, I loved its taste and the vinegar deep too!

Too bad I wasn't able to finish the chicken fillet because I did not like the sauce. For me it was too sweet and salty. However, the fried rice is really good that it compensates its taste.


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