Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Compulsory Introduction

Let me have my dramatic introduction. This will be my second blogger blog next to Crave For Satisfaction which deals almost about make up and beauty products. I just thought I need another blog where I can store my random thoughts. I just do not want to mix em up altogether in 1 blog site.

Well, as an ordinary human, I have a lot of thoughts to share. I rarely share everything to other people. I am not that talkative so obviously, I'm keeping everything to myself whether it's a problem or happiness, etc. That's pretty much why I came up creating another blog with a random thoughts category.

Sure all people need to complain about different issues in life whether its about family, love life etc., on the other hand not all people have a shoulder to cry on. And so I think writing everything here will help me lessen some stress. :D

It would be my pleasure if you can read on and leave some comments too. I'd be really glad. :)

Much love,


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