Thursday, September 22, 2011

An Ordinary Thursday

I actually don't have something interesting to say but I just want to add an entry. Nothing much happen today as usual. It's just an ordinary day for me while for some this date might be an unforgettable day. I woke up nearly late in the morning (8:40 haha), took a breakfast, started work, took a lunch at 2 PM, resumed work, took a dinner awhile ago, and I just got my work finish for today. Yiheee! I survived another day! Thank the Lord...

For some reason I get excited for Fridays! I just dunno why? Maybe I'm getting really bored being inside my room for the whole week and I want to go out on weekends? (-_o) But lol! I'm on a tight budget these days so sad I will still stay at home during weekends until I get some extra money to go shoppin!! hehe.

It's a sad day for Pichie, my dog, it's a she. She doesn't wanna eat anything, not even her favorite dog food. I usually feed them some table foods because they are liking it but she doesn't have the appetite today. I feel sad too. I hope she's and will be fine.

I started up my day in front of the computer and will end the same. :D My PC is my best friend. Haha! This is it for now. Goodnight! :D

Mood: Average :)

Much love,


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