Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Hard to Get "Inspired" Word

I used to play the SIMS social on Facebook whenever I feel bored, yet I end up even more bored afterwards lol. The game was just boring really! But funny how I still waste my time playing it over and over again. Haha.

I wish I could be all inspired after visiting a friend, browse the net, take a meal, wash out my bladder, do my hygiene routine, have a coffee and sleep just like my SIMS version. lol.. I wish I have that diamond over my head that twinkles whenever I get inspired. I wish I have an "instant inspired" potion I can get from my craft bag.

For some reason, I hardly get inspired in real life. I am bitter, full of drama, full of sentiments. Kulang na lang pa Asian Mullet hair cut ako with matching long side swept bangs, piercings, gothic make up, all black attire then sit and cry in a damn corner, parang ganito?

Haha! Hell not my thing..

P.S. I have nothing against EMO style. :D


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