Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Having a Great Time With Girl Friends

Finally me and my girl friends had a little reunion! They are my classmates and friends since elementary namely Chona, Angela, and Joy. They are now my Kumares because of Joy's son. It feels good to go out on a group sometimes. This happens only once in a blue moon so I am really really grateful since I often go out alone, shop alone, eat alone and go home alone.

Chona tends to be busy all the time that she hardly get a day off on her job, Joy is now married with one son which is my inaanak, Angela is still taking her last year nursing course and I am also busy working on weekdays. This what makes it almost impossible for us to go out altogether.

Here's to show some pictures we took. :)

Chon, Me, Joy, Angela

Haha! Sorry if I did not ask your permission to post your photos here. :D Wag na magreklamo, exposure to. lol


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