Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Remembering an Old Good Friend

It's already late but I am still wide awake. Probably because I had an almost 2 hours nap awhile ago. :) It feels good to stay up late at night. For someone who used live in a noisy place like me, I find it somewhat relaxing. I'm feeling great without hearing any noise from the outside the house, just the relaxing instrumental music from this blog. 

Minutes ago, a good friend from high school popped in my mind. I am now wondering how is she. We have no constant communication since our high school graduation. She was a smart girl, and what more I am jealous about is that her simplicity, contentment on what she already has, at age 16, I remember she already knew how to cook sinigang, which I haven't been able to cook until now although its my favorite. We have the same last name and she was the my first seatmate in the very first day of high school. She has been a great friend of mine. 

If I only had the attitude she posses maybe I am appreciating everything I have now which is I do but I hardly get contented. As far as I know, she didn't get into college which I am kinda regretful for. (reminders to those who neglect their studies) I believe she was so smart, she makes sunog her kilay (studies very hard) when periodical examinations are coming but wasn't able to afford college. (I am really not sure if she's pursuing college at the moment or working)

I also remember when we had a little reunion last year (not sure again if it was last year or 2 years ago :| ). We were talking about something serious, I was surprised about what she said "namiss ko maka kausap ng taong may laman ang sinasabi". Not the exact words but it was what she means to say. I never realized she was appreciating me, the words coming from my mouth since we were in high school. I've always been into talking about things that matters in life before and now. She has been a good listener and a very good friend. She has no Facebook account, I am not sure why she is making herself very private. I lost her number but gotta try to contact her very soon and probably make a way to see her. :)


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