Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Grateful Feeling of Purchasing from your Own Money

Just wanted to share how it feels great when you've purchased something you have long been wanting to buy from your own hard earned money! :)

Been working for 2 years now, my particular job is my very first job eversince I graduated from college (2 year computer course) and I am really really grateful I have this job! Apart from working from the comfort of your home, having great boss and colleagues is just a valuable bonus! What more could I ask for? I'm loving what I'm doing :)

I have been able to buy things I couldn't when I was still jobless. I never ask my parents to buy me something like this or like that unless I really really need it for school. This is one reason that I should be grateful I'm earning money and buy my things! :)

I've just purchased a new LED monitor! This is a birthday gift for myself... hehehe! Feels cool working with a flat screen monitor but I'm definitely not throwing away my CRT lol!


Erika Buenafe said...

So true :)

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